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Special Supplies Sensory Compression Vest Deep Pressure Comfort (ad)

Special Supplies Sensory Compression Vest Deep Pressure Comfort (ad)

BUY HERE (ad) - for for Autism, Hyperactivity, Mood Processing Disorders, Breathable, Form-Fitting, Kids and Adults (Small, Black)

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    • Deep Pressure Sensory Support – This compression vest for autism and sensory processing disorders creates a warm, supportive hug for children or adults who struggle with focus, stress, or anxiety.
    • Soothing, Comforting Compression – The therapeutic pressure applied to the body is designed to help you stay more engaged and focused when things seem overwhelming or emotions run high.
    • Easy Open and Close Adjustability – Designed to fit your torso comfortably, the smart design lets you adjust the fit to give you smooth, even pressure across the shoulders, chest, and stomach for a full upper-body hug.
    • Breathable, Flexible Neoprene – Each compression vest provides the perfect balance of weight and comfort to make it easier to wear over or under clothing without limiting mobility, balance, or regular movement.
    • Kid and Adult-Friendly Wearable – The perfect compression vest for kids or adults, we offer multiple sizes ranging from X-Small to Large.
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