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Calming Sensory Shapes - Tactile Sensory Tiles Discs (ad)

Calming Sensory Shapes - Tactile Sensory Tiles Discs (ad)

BUY HERE (ad) - for Learning, Stimulation, Processing Through Play - Sensory Mats Social Emotional Learning Activities Game - Special Needs Toddlers - Set of 10

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    • Unlocking Potential Through Sensory Adventures: The textured sensory mat shapes are designed to delight and engage children with special needs on their learning journey; The colorful special needs toys encourage exploration, promote essential skill development and transform challenges into fun, sensory adventures
    • Various Vibrant Hues and Intriguing Shapes: This 10-pack of occupational therapy toys features a variety of vibrant colors, shapes, and textures, captivating the senses and igniting the curiosity of little boys and girls; The sensory pad shapes offer endless possibilities for play, skill development, and therapeutic engagement.
    • Discs Are Built for Fun, But Made to Last: Our tactile stimulation shapes are made from soft, flexible silicone without BPA; Also, the multifunctional sensory floor tiles are easy to keep clean, simply hand wash with soap and water, or you can even toss them in the dishwasher.
    • Adaptable Playtime – From School to Home: The sensory shapes for kids are perfect for both in-class and at-home play, making learning and skill development a seamless experience wherever your child goes; The set also includes a handy drawstring bag for easy storage and transport.
    • Playful Innovation for a Lifetime of Learning: We aim to create fun, innovative toys that ignite young minds and nurture each child's unique potential; We believe in the power of play to shape the future, fostering curiosity, growth, and a passion for discovery that endures throughout their journey of learning and exploration.
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